Sean's Vault - More Workout Videos than You can Imagine

The new and improved "Sean's Vault" is dedicated to world class bodyweight only (with the occasional dumbbell or kettlebell added) workouts including yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, flexibility training, core workouts, Pylata/cardio/HIIT/Tabata, fitness training for athletes and much more! Perfect for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.
Here's what you get:
• Over 130 full length exclusive videos (new ones added frequently) from Sean's online training program "Sean's Vault". Each video is a full length class between 30-60 minutes. All videos can be streamed instantly in beautiful high definition.
• The BRAND NEW 'Sean's Vault' App for both Apple ( and Android (!
• Many of Sean's most requested videos from his very popular YouTube channel.
• Brand new videos arriving frequently in addition to 30-42 day fitness training programs for all fitness levels.
• Complete video packages available for download.
• Discussions with Sean and other fitness minded people to keep you motivated, inspired and on track.
Sean is the "Most Watched Yoga and Pilates Guy on the Planet" and was recently named one of the "Top Fitness Instructors" by The Huffington Post.

  • EXTREME Bodyweight Core Workout Program

    4 videos

    Leave your comments, questions and feedback in the comment section below each video.

  • Sean's 30 Day "Start 2018 Right" Training Program

    30 videos

    Are you ready for 30 days of delicious and challenging cross training? Begin today and work your way through 30 days of full workouts which NEVER repeat. Always leave your feedback and questions below each video and have a good time!

  • Sean's Yoga for Kids and Teens Program

    5 videos

    From Monday - Friday you get a full yoga class with different themes and focuses. This program is designed to be done in class rooms, in small groups, fitness clubs, by sports teams or by yourself...just enjoy them and share this challenge with everyone!

  • Sean's Vault Exclusive Workouts

    130 videos

    These are all the full length videos (with more arriving frequently) filmed EXCLUSIVELY for Sean's Vault (123 and counting). Enjoy and please always give your feedback below the video!

  • 30 Day Pre-Christmas and Holiday Workout Program

    30 videos

    Yoga, Weight Training, Pilates, Power Yoga, Flexibility Training, Cardio and more - start this 30 day challenge today and burn calories, build muscle, improve flexibility and release mind/body tension during the trickiest time of the year to stay fit.

    Please leave your feedback, requests and ...

  • Sean's Favorite Foam Rolling Exercises

    1 video

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  • Sean's Ninja Power Yoga Series

    3 videos

    Are you ready for THREE Ninja Workouts?! I want to always give you the tools for unlimited physical and mental growth through movement and am excited to hear your feedback with each Ninja flow. Are you ready to build stamina, strength and adaptability? Leave your feedback below each video!

  • Sean's 7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge

    7 videos

    When you finish this 7 day beginner program you graduate to my "FULL 7 Day Yoga Challenge" ->

    Welcome to your "7 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge"! This program includes 7 gentle, easy to follow yoga routines for the total beginner o...

  • Sean's Vault Yoga Workouts

    74 videos

    These are full length yoga routines for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Included are classic Hatha yoga, power yoga, flow yoga and yoga core workouts. Build strength, flexibility and control in no time at all!
    Great for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Don't forget to ...

  • Sean's Vault Cardio Workouts

    33 videos

    Burn calories fast and tone and strengthen your entire body with these easy to follow cardio workouts! Raise your heart rate and prepare to sweat away flab with these 30-45 minute complete workout classes for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. These are just like attending my live clas...

  • Sean's Vault Flexibility Training and Deep Stretch Routines

    34 videos

    Nothing in this playlist but easy to follow routines to bring a deep stretch to every muscle, ligament and tendon in your body. Learn how to release and energize your entire body and increase your physical and mental performance in every sport and activity. These are perfect for men and women of ...

  • Sean's Vault Weights and Kettlebells Workouts

    16 videos

    Want to add some spice to your workouts with weights, dumbbells, kettlebells and more? This playlist features my workouts that combine full body bodyweight exercises with fun equipment to enhance every movement. Don't forget to leave a comment on your favorite videos!

  • Sean's Vault 30 Day Workout Schedule - Intermediate to Advanced

    30 videos

    Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    Do a different workout each day for 30 days and don't be shy about taking a day off when your body needs to rest. These workouts can also be added to your current routines for maximum benefits. You will never have a 30 day program like this one, my friend! Are you...

  • 30 Day Warrior Program for 2016

    32 videos

    Just in time for the new year here's 30 non-repeating, full length workouts for men and women who want to radically transform their bodies. Don't be shy about taking a day off here and there when you need to rest. Build strength, torch calories and become very flexibile with this program exclusiv...

  • 30 Days of Yoga Complete Program

    32 videos

    You love yoga, don't you? Want to do it every day for one month? This playlist is perfect for you. Every day you'll have a different yoga routine so you never get bored and receive all those wonderful benefits that we love: more flexibility, strength and endurance. Don't be afraid to take a day o...

  • Sean's Quick Beginner and Intermediate Workouts

    12 videos

    Here's a collection of short workouts for the total beginner up to the intermediate who wants to dive into yoga, Pilates, power yoga, calisthenics, core training, cardio and more! This is the place to start and progress in no time at all! Don't forget to leave a comment on your favorite videos!

  • Sean's Vault Pilates/Core Workouts

    89 videos

    This playlist is dedicated to working our core muscles as well as the rest of our bodies in the most efficient and effective ways possible. These are full length fitness classes with durations between 30-45 minutes so it's just like taking one of my live classes. Build strength, flexibility, cont...

  • The Best Darn Workout Series

    11 videos

    These are total, complete and utterly comprehensive workouts! Please use with caution and make sure you're warmed up. Any requests? I LOVE filming these. Don't forget to leave a comment on your favorite videos!

  • Epic Bodyweight and Killer Core Workouts

    34 videos

    This playlist is dedicated to those who want a delicious workout challenge using only your bodyweight. Epic, killer - don't be intimidated by the names...just dive right in and build some long, lean powerful muscle by never doing the same sequences twice. Change it up always and reap the massive ...

  • Power Yoga for Athletes Workouts

    18 videos

    These workouts are either taken from my new bestselling paperback, "Power Yoga for Athletes" from Fair Winds Press or filmed to help you improve your physical and mental performance in EVERY sport and activity - no matter your age or fitness level. Power Yoga helps EVERYONE build better strength,...

  • Sean's 42 Day Fitness Transformation Program

    42 videos

    I'm putting together a book featuring these 42 workouts but, as always, wanted to bring it to Sean's Vault subscribers!
    I want to hear from YOU so make sure you 'check in' below and let me know you're doing the workout and challenge. Thanks!

  • 30 Day Get Ready for Summer Program!

    32 videos

    Summer is coming (well, not here in the Rockies where we're getting a foot of snow today) and I want to make sure we're all getting in at least one 'Sean's Vault' workout per day and resting when we need to...listen to your body and take a day off now and then.
    Jump into the "30 Day Get Ready fo...

  • 30 Day Summer Sizzler Training Program

    35 videos

    Are you ready?!
    Do a new workout each day for 30 days (or 33!) to get that strong, flexible and lean summer body and beyond. If you need a rest day by all means take one. Rest is equally important.
    I love when you comment on the workouts so keep sharing your thoughts!

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Yoga Challenge

    7 videos

    Enjoy 7 diverse and challenging yoga routines from Monday to Sunday. Please leave your feedback and comments and get ready for some yoga craziness.
    Don't forget to let everyone know when you finish on the final day (Sunday) and TAG me #seanviguefitness!
    Check out my fitness book library: SeanVi...

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Pilates Challenge

    7 videos

    Enjoy these 7 complete Pilates workouts to be done Monday-Sunday...or whenever you wish to begin. Keep me posted on your progress!

    Own my bestselling books, "Pilates for Athletes" and "Pilates for Men" by visiting

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Fitness Challenge

    7 videos

    Enjoy the brand new training program: "Sean's 7 Day Fitness Challenge"! These are seven intense 10-15 minute on the go workouts of many different styles.
    Do them in conjunction with the 7 Day Yoga and Pilates Challenges.
    Browse my bestselling fitness books:

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Core Challenge

    7 videos

    Sean's Vault fellow workout's a brand new 7 day challenge debuting right here!
    "Sean's 7 Day Core Challenge"
    From Monday-Sunday you have a new total body core focused workout to build strength, control, endurance, flexibility and balance. Check in after each workout by leaving a ...

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Fat Burning Challenge

    7 videos

    Welcome to your "7 Day Fat Burning Challenge"! Enjoy these intense 5 minute bodyweight only fat blasting workouts and modify as needed. Let me know in the comments how much they made you sweat!
    Own my bestselling book, "Power Yoga for Athletes" by visiting your local Barnes and Noble or going to...

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Power Yoga Challenge

    7 videos

    Here it is! 7 days of diverse and challenging power yoga workouts to take and do anywhere and anytime. Let me know if you felt the burn in the comments below and begin whenever you prefer.
    For the ultimate Power Yoga experience get a copy of my bestselling book, "Power Yoga for Athletes" wherev...

  • 30 Day Summer, 2017 Shape Up Program!

    30 videos

    Do a different workout each day in the order they're listed. Summer is upon us (well, not here in the Rockies, but elsewhere) and this 30 day total training program will have you building strength, flexibility, stamina and balance each and every day using ONLY your bodyweight. Make sure you 'chec...

  • Sean's Kettlebell Workouts

    3 videos

    Do you want to see more workouts with kettlebells? Let me know by commenting on the videos!

  • Sean Vigue's 7 Day Flexibility Challenge

    7 videos

    You have 7 days to get flexible! Each of the 7 bodyweight only routines are diverse, challenging and unpredictable. Are you ready? Comment after each day.

  • Sean's Fitness (and more) VLOGS

    5 videos

    I've started doing VLOGS again and want to hear from YOU! Please comment on the videos with questions you have for me and I may add them to a future VLOG.

  • Sean's Vault - More Workout Videos than You can Imagine

    The new and improved "Sean's Vault" is dedicated to world class bodyweight only (with the occasional dumbbell or kettlebell added) workouts including yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, flexibility training, core workouts, Pylata/cardio/HIIT/Tabata, fitness training for athletes and much more! Perfect for...

  • Every Single Full Length Workout Video (over 196) from "Sean's Vault" plus a few Extras!

    197 videos

    This package includes EVERY full length "Sean's Vault" workout video plus a few extras to keep you building the strongest, leanest and most flexible body in the world. Yes, in the world! Take these complete workout videos with you everywhere and do them at anytime. YOU have the control now!

  • Yoga Videos: Every Single Full Length Yoga (and Power Yoga) Video in Sean's Vault (123 in total!) plus Extras!

    123 videos

    Want to take my longest, most comprehensive "Sean's Vault" yoga workouts everywhere? I put together this package LOADED with all the full length yoga videos (hatha, power yoga, deep stretching, power yoga core etc) from my online training program. Download and take them everywhere. I've included ...